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technical support for Router

Are you noticing a constant drop in your internet connectivity and slow speed? These are the indication of technical issues with your router. Generally, users just unplug or unwired it and reconnect it but this doesn't work every time because fixing router issue can be highly technical sometime. That's why, you need a highly professional and experienced technical team to resolve such issues.

Our certified & experienced team will be able to provide technical support for following routers :

  • D-Link Router Tech Support
  • Netgear Router Tech Support
  • Linksys Router Tech Support
  • Cisco Router Tech Support

We are experienced to resolve following issue related to your router :

  • Installing & configuring router
  • Installing and Upgrading the drive or other related software
  • Conflicting IP issues
  • Technical errors related to Firewall
  • Resetting your password
  • Fixing drops in connection & improving Internet Speed

If you are facing mentioned above or any unidentified issues related to your router, call us at 1-800-712-8104 immediately for technical support.


  • My PC was repaired without any additional effort from my side except giving INTELLIZE HELP INC a call. INTELLIZE HELP INC engineer was able to fix all the virus threats which were making my system slow". Milinda, Texas
  • All the technicians I have dealt with were very informative and helpful. They provided me with the necessary details with patience over the phone. I will recommend INTELLIZE HELP INC to all PC users." John Dawson, Florida
  • My PC issues were resolved with an ease. The techie handled the issue effectively and was able to generate effective result. My PC is running like Ninza now....Yeah!! Kudos to the INTELLIZE HELP INC team. Totally wow!" Serena James, NY

Rate & Plans

  • One Time Support: $99.95